by Anita Exira

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Phil Johnson You can feel the talent bursting at the seams Favorite track: The Quiet and the Peace.


A couple of really old songs that have been rattling about in my brain for ONE BILLION YEARS.


released December 2, 2013

Album art by Matthew D. Jordan.



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Anita Exira Boulder, Colorado

Allen Masterton, Phillip Nichols, and Pants Mcfogerty.

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Track Name: The Quiet and the Peace
we will float
to the center of the lake
on a boat we made from crates
and a sail of blankets
tied together

and if we row
the sooner we will be
among the quiet and the peace
then we can wonder

did we do right

did we do right by our mothers
by our brothers
by each other
and by our lovers
Track Name: Roses
I am always wrong
I will never fail
to fail you

what is it everyone
seems to know
that I don't

and why can't I ever just
leave well enough alone

over and over again
and so it goes

I'll just keep telling myself
everything's coming up roses