Anita Exira Remixed

by Anita Exira



This one sounds more better.


released December 1, 2014



all rights reserved


Anita Exira Boulder, Colorado

Allen Masterton, Phillip Nichols, and Pants Mcfogerty.

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Track Name: You Won't Wake Up For Me
you must've been cold
because your blankets are pulled up around your shoulders
and you must've had a bad dream
because your tears left stains on your sheets
and you must've been lonely
because your arms a clutching your pillow

and I wish they were clutching me

I lean over your bed
let my breath hit your neck
and let my love surround you
and you will be
fast asleep
when I kiss your cheek
then I'll quietly leave

because you won't wake up for me
Track Name: Don't Waste Your Breath
I only want the best for you
you know I do
If that means you've got to go
you'd better go

and I wish you the best in the world

I've waited long enough for you
I've done everything a man can do

you lock yourself in your room
and wonder what you'll do
but if you need somebody near
I'm always here

and I wish you the best in the world

don't waste another thought on me
don't waste another breath on me
you never were someone to dwell
and I know it's just as well
Track Name: Sympathy
for your sympathy
I am forever grateful
and all you've done for me
so much more than I deserve
still I feel that I am a disappointment to you

born into your hands
living only for your pleasure

and I carry the weight of my shame
square on my shoulders
and this guilty little boy
is hanging his head

I need a better reason to pretend
that I am content
then I'll show you that I know who is to blame
recoil in shame

and throw myself down
bleeding at your feet
where's your forgiveness
have you no mercy left for me

if I live to see the day when I can say
I might die happy
you can write it on my grave that she made
life worth while
I never saw two lovers looking so lovely
I never knew another man as blessed as I

love makes me do crazy things
deny god to his face if it brings you to me
love makes me do crazy things
disregard my own heart if it brings you heaven

one by one by one
I count my mistakes
and one by one by one
I wish them away
Track Name: There Was No Sound
there was no sound
when your words hit the ground
and no man was safe from the shock waves
for ten miles around

I drape a sheet
over what used to be my heart
careworn and pulled apart
and strewn about

and all the love that ever was
could not keep you close enough